How to Avoid “Flipping Our Lids” and Practicing Self-Care

As we begin the school year, some of us may be feeling overwhelmed already. It’s no secret that it has been a stressful time. From in-person teaching and virtual teaching, there have been many ups and downs. A lot of stress has been put on educators and youth-serving adults to think outside the box to … Continued

Black Pregnancy-Related Mortality in the US

In the United States, maternal mortality rates continue to rise, even though the U.S. spends more per person on healthcare than any other country. Black women, in particular, are at a much higher risk of maternal morbidity and mortality than any other racial or ethnic group in the U.S. According to the Center for Disease … Continued

Fertility Awareness Methods are Having a Moment on Social Media

You might have seen the sponsored posts on social media promoting fertility awareness methods. This could be partially due to the increase of social media influencers who have posted ads for a fertility awareness app over the past few months, with a combined reach of millions of followers. But what are fertility awareness methods, and … Continued

Supporting Youth in Dealing with Rejection

This February love and COVID-19 are in the air. With this in mind, we here at the Responsible Sex Education Institute are focusing on breaking up – the one thing everyone goes through but we only really talk about as it’s happening. We experience many different types of break ups in our lives. There’s no … Continued

Stigma and Sex Ed: What Are We Really Saying?

We’ve talked about it before, and we’ll probably talk about it again: stigma is a huge barrier to building healthy young people and communities. Every day, we see kind, supportive, caring youth-serving adults (YSA) unknowingly contribute to the shame and stigma that surrounds sexual health topics. So, where do shame and stigma pop up, and … Continued

The Legacy of Forced Sterilization in Sex Education

CW: forced sterilization, eugenics, racism, ableism Let’s just get right into it – we need to talk about forced sterilization. If you joined us for our August webinar, you’ll know that we started to talk about the long and dark history of forced sterilization in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. So why are we choosing … Continued