Fertility Awareness Methods are Having a Moment on Social Media

You might have seen the sponsored posts on social media promoting fertility awareness methods. This could be partially due to the increase of social media influencers who have posted ads for a fertility awareness app over the past few months, with a combined reach of millions of followers. But what are fertility awareness methods, and … Continued

Supporting Youth in Dealing with Rejection

This February love and COVID-19 are in the air. With this in mind, we here at the Responsible Sex Education Institute are focusing on breaking up – the one thing everyone goes through but we only really talk about as it’s happening. We experience many different types of break ups in our lives. There’s no … Continued

Stigma and Sex Ed: What Are We Really Saying?

We’ve talked about it before, and we’ll probably talk about it again: stigma is a huge barrier to building healthy young people and communities. Every day, we see kind, supportive, caring youth-serving adults (YSA) unknowingly contribute to the shame and stigma that surrounds sexual health topics. So, where do shame and stigma pop up, and … Continued

The Legacy of Forced Sterilization in Sex Education

CW: forced sterilization, eugenics, racism, ableism Let’s just get right into it – we need to talk about forced sterilization. If you joined us for our August webinar, you’ll know that we started to talk about the long and dark history of forced sterilization in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. So why are we choosing … Continued

Tips for talking about sex education at home

As many young people and their families are getting ready for a new school year, many folks are looking for ways to ensure that sexual health information and sex education don’t get left out of virtual learning. Now more than ever in this new virtual learning environment we must ensure that young people and their … Continued

Take “Virginity” Out of Sex Ed

“Virginity” is a concept many of us grew up with, whether it was in our own sex ed classes, our homes, our religions, on the news or really anywhere else we looked. “Virginity” is so pervasive that it can often be difficult to discern between what is fact or fiction. From the idea that all … Continued

Black Lives Need to Matter in Sex Education, Too.

You’ve heard it from us, and if you work as an educator, you’ll likely hear it again: beware of sharing personal values with your students. As sex educators, it’s something we are mindful of all the time. In many contexts, it’s helpful advice. For example, say a student asks you what the best birth control … Continued