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Whether it is working with youth or adults, the Responsible Sex Education Institute has a variety of programming options that meet our communities’ needs from individual lesson to evidence based curricula. Our programs align with national and state sexual health standards and laws. A leader in the sex education field, the Institute ensures its programs empower participants with the knowledge and skills to make responsible decisions with regard to their sexual health. The Institute is committed to comprehensive sex education which supports sexual abstinence, while also providing information about birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), healthy relationships, consent, and more!

  • The Institute may ask for payment and/or mileage, which helps to cover our costs and includes an expert speaker, all presentation materials, as well as external condoms, internal condoms, and dental dams for participants (by request).

Our lessons are now virtual!

Available Direct Ed Programming

The Responsible Sex Education Institute offers developmentally appropriate and medically accurate individual lessons that use innovative technology and supports students in the development of 21st Century Skills. We have all these topics available virtually through a live or asynchronous format.

Click the topic for more information on each lesson, including the health standards.

Contact us if you’re looking for sex education for adults or elementary school youth.

Sex Ed for All Levels (SEAL)

Audience: middle school to adult

This curriculum is tailored to individuals with cognitive disabilities and is based on the curricula Sexuality Education for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and FLASH (for youth). Program implementation is thoughtfully constructed based on the needs and abilities of the participants. Topics covered range from body care and safety to healthy relationships to public vs. private behavior.

Our SEAL program has been adapted for live virtual sessions.

Promotores de Salud

The Promotores de Salud Program has been a part of the Responsible Sex Education Institute since January 2010. Sometimes called lay health advisors or community health workers, promotores are community members trained to provide sexual health education in their communities, primarily in Spanish. They often serve as a bridge between their community and local health care systems, including Planned Parenthood health centers. The programmatic goal is to ensure everyone has the information they need to make responsible choices regarding their sexual health; including the importance of preventative care, family planning, and how to get testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

This program utilizes a peer education model, which involves sharing their knowledge with family, friends, and neighbors through group presentations, called “pláticas”. Pláticas are delivered in Spanish, and topics include:

  • Sexual and reproductive anatomy
  • Birth control methods
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI)
  • Pregnancy options
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE)
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Consent
  • Reproductive Justice
  • And more!

Promotores also facilitate one-on-one individualized outreach to participants, which are focused conversations on a requested topic. This program can be delivered through a live virtual format.

Promotores de Salud

El Programa de Promotores de Salud ha sido parte del Responsible Sex Education Institute desde enero del 2010. Promotores son miembros de la comunidad entrenados para ofrecer educación sobre salud sexual en sus comunidades, principalmente en español. Sirven como puente entre su comunidad y los sistemas de salud, incluyendo los centros de salud de Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. El objetivo programático es garantizar que todos tengan la información que necesitan para tomar decisiones responsables con respecto a su salud sexual; incluyendo la importancia de la atención preventiva, la planificación familiar y cómo obtener pruebas y tratamiento para las infecciones de transmisión sexual.

Este programa utiliza un modelo de educación entre compañeros, que implica que los promotores comparten su conocimiento con familiares, amigos y vecinos a través de presentaciones grupales, estas presentaciones se llaman pláticas. Los temas de pláticas incluyen:

  • Anatomía
  • Métodos anticonceptivos
  • Infecciones de transmisión sexual
  • Opciones de embarazo
  • La orientación sexual
  • Relaciones Saludables
  • Consentimiento
  • La Justicia Reproductive
  • ¡Y más!

Les promotores también hacen conversaciones individuales enfocadas en un tema solicitado. Este programa se puede entregar a través de una forma virtual. 

Native Community Health Network (NCHN)

Audience: Indigenous communities in the Southwest

The Native Community Health Network (NCHN) is a community health worker program that is geared to work with Indigenous communities in the Southwest. NCHN started in 2019 and specializes in sexual and reproductive health education, advocacy, outreach, and linkage to essential resources. Their team of Community Health Workers are certified to perform Rapid HIV testing and are trained as Harm Reduction specialist in the state New Mexico. Their office is based out of Albuquerque, NM (occupied Tiwa territory) and they offer programing in and around the four corner states.

NCHN offers:

  • Health and Respect Mold Our Native Youth (H.A.R.M.O.N.Y.)
  • Adapted individual direct ed lessons for Indigenous audiences of all ages
  • One-on-one sessions with clients
  • Talking Circles for self-identified Native woman, men, and mothers
  • HIV testing and Outreach (not during COVID restrictions)

Contact NCHN or if you have any questions about programming or outreach. As of right now, all lessons will be delivered in a virtual format.

Sexual Health Educator Program (SHEP)

Audience: Youth Serving Adults

Are you interested in receiving the training and support you need to teach effective sex ed to young people? If so, you are in the right place! At the Responsible Sex Education Institute, our educators are your training facilitators. Every member of our team has current, in-depth training and experience providing comprehensive sex education to youth of all ages. Not only do we offer open enrollment and custom in-person trainings, we also have a variety of support services designed to provide you with the ongoing education you need. Visit our SHEP page to learn about the available training opportunities, including our choose-your-own-adventure training modules!

In Case You’re Curious (ICYC)

Audience: everyone!

Our ICYC confidential textlines help answer sexual health questions for teens, caregivers, and youth serving adults. Our trained sex educators are ready to answer your questions. To opt in send the appropriate keyword to 57890!

Keyword Audience and Region
SexEd Youth Serving Adults
TALK Families and Caregivers
PPAL Alabama
ICYC Colorado
PPGA Georgia
PPMS Mississippi
PPLV Nevada
PPNM New Mexico
ASKWY Wyoming
PPRM Everywhere Else

All Together Now

Audience: high school

All Together Now meets the needs of today’s youth ages 14-18 by providing necessary and accurate information on the importance of healthy and responsible sexuality. The program is a promising practice, 8-session curriculum. Participants who participant in All Together Now demonstrate increased knowledge and skills around accessing reproductive health services and reducing sexual health risks.

Get Real

Audience: middle school or 9th grade

Get Real for middle school is a unique curriculum that emphasizes social and emotional skills as a key component of healthy relationships and responsible decision making. Information provided is medically accurate, age-appropriate and is shown to delay sex among middle school students who received Get Real, empower parents to be the primary sexuality educators of their children and help their kids delay sex, and reinforce family communication and improve communication skills for healthy relationships.

The 9th grade Get Real curriculum is a continuation of the evaluated middle school curriculum and is in the process of being evaluated itself. Get Real, empower parents to be the primary sexuality educators of their children and help their kids delay sex, and reinforce family communication and improve communication skills for healthy relationships.

Positive Prevention Plus

Audience: middle school or high school

Positive Prevention Plus is an extension the HIV/STD curriculum, Positive Prevention. The program focuses on future planning, exploring friendships and other relationships, preventing unplanned pregnancies, developing decision making skills, and preventing STIs. Additionally, program homework engages the family in these important conversations


Women Talking | Responsible Sex Education Institute “I have been so impressed with the quality of Institute educators. We have had several different organizations come in to provide sex education to our teens over the last few years and none of them have been as skilled or engaging as yours!”

Teacher @ High School – 2018 – Colorado

Group of People Talking Around a Table | Responsible Sex Education Institute “You all are GREAT facilitators and your interactive trainings flow so well. Great movement at the right times, engaging conversation, and ALL AROUND fantastic sex ed. training. Thank you!”

Teacher Training Participant – 2017 – Colorado

“The information we learned has been so helpful to me. Nobody has talked with me about any of this before and it is so helpful when I’m trying to make decisions about relationships and my body.”

People with Disabilities Participant – 2018 – Colorado

Group of Students Talking | Responsible Sex Education Institute “Institute educators use a combination of stories, factual information, and humor to present their sex ed. material. Rather than lecture to the students, they involve them in engaging activities.”

Teacher @ High School – 2016 – New Mexico

“Every time the Responsible Sex Education Institute comes to present in my high school health classes I know that the kids will gain valuable information from someone who is knowledgeable, engaging, comfortable, and inclusive. Students leave feeling valued and informed, and they know where to go for accurate information. The Responsible Sex Education Institute knows how to teach all aspects of a comprehensive sex ed class for the 21st century (including consent, digital and other influences, abstinence, birth control, STIs, healthy communication, and healthy relationships).”

Teacher @ High School – 2018 – Colorado

Family Photo | Responsible Sex Education Institute “In my religion we don’t talk about many of these things. I hope to listen to the presenter again and learn more.”

Parent – 2018 – Las Vegas

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