Learn How to Teach Sex Ed

Do you have what it takes to teach sex ed?

Are you interested in receiving the training and support you need to teach effective sex ed to young people? If so, you’re in the right place! At the Responsible Sex Education Institute, our educators are your training facilitators. Every member of our team has current, in-depth training and experience providing comprehensive sex education to youth of all ages. Not only do we offer open enrollment and custom in-person trainings, we also have a variety of support services designed to provide you with the ongoing education you need!

Trainings cover everything from how to teach about anatomy, STIs, and birth control, to how to navigate more complex conversations about healthy communication, sexting, and consent.

Support services include biweekly office hours for 1:1 work, more immediate access to educators via our textline, webinars on trending sexual health topics, an annual expert lecture series, and an online resource guide including best practices, discussion boards, and blog posts.

Need tools to teach sex ed?

We’ve got you covered! Visit our shop to check out the lesson plans and birth control kits we have available for purchase.

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