Support Services

How do I get signed up for RSEI support services?

If you’ve attended a training with us in the past, congratulations! You’re already signed up to receive support services. If you haven’t been to a training yet, or aren’t sure when you’ll be able to go, you can always purchase a Membership from our shop. Membership lasts for one year and grants you access to all of the support services you see below!

Blog Posts

Each month, an RSEI educator writes a blog about a current sexual health topic. The link to each month’s blog is sent out in our monthly newsletter. You can check out every blog so far here.

Expert Lectures

Expert Lectures are RSEI-hosted events designed to engage with and elevate the voices of experts in our local communities on a variety of sexual health and sexual health education topics.

Have an idea for an expert lecture topic, speaker or panel? Email us today

Office Hours

Do you need support with classroom management? Do your conversations about consent lead down a rabbit hole of what ifs? Maybe you’re preparing for a tough group and you just need a little pep talk. Sign up for office hours with an RSEI educator to get 1:1 support you need to grow as a sexual health educator!


Every month, a small team of RSEI educators work together to develop a webinar on current sexual health topics just for youth-serving adults. Visit the home page for more information and to register for upcoming webinars.