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  • Sexually Transmitted Infections for Middle School


    This Sexually Transmitted Infections for Middle School lesson helps students understand what sexually transmitted infections are, while also exploring how to reduce the risk of contracting an STI.

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  • Silver Membership


    The Silver membership tier is designed for individuals interested in a combination of basic training and support services. Your Silver membership includes:

    • Access to SHEP Virtual 1.0
    • 1-Year of Bronze Site Membership including unlimited access to members-only content including archived webinars, resource guides, discussion boards, and more!
    • Exclusive shop discounts on supplies like birth control kits, anatomy boards, lessons, and more
    • Up to 10 office hours
    • Unlimited access to 1:1 support via SexEd textline

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  • Talk is Power for Families


    A self-guided learning module designed to give parents or caregivers the support and resources they need for talking with youth about the various topics that fall under comprehensive sex education.

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  • Talk is Power Workbook


    This *downloadable* workbook brings together readings, activities, and resources that will help parents and guardians begin and/or improve communication about sex, sexual health, and sexuality with their child(ren). It is divided into 7 sections that can be completed in any order. Some of the readings and worksheets are for families and caregivers to complete on … Continued

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