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  • Silver Membership


    The Silver membership tier is designed for individuals interested in a combination of basic training and support services. Your Silver membership includes:

    • Access to SHEP Virtual 1.0
    • 1-Year of Bronze Site Membership including unlimited access to members-only content including archived webinars, resource guides, discussion boards, and more!
    • Exclusive shop discounts on supplies like birth control kits, anatomy boards, lessons, and more
    • Up to 10 office hours
    • Unlimited access to 1:1 support via SexEd textline

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  • Talk is Power Workbook


    This *downloadable* workbook brings together readings, activities, and resources that will help parents and guardians begin and/or improve communication about sex, sexual health, and sexuality with their child(ren). It is divided into 7 sections that can be completed in any order. Some of the readings and worksheets are for families and caregivers to complete on … Continued

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