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V-SHEP 1.0

The first in a series of courses developed by sex educators at the Responsible Sex Education Institute, the Virtual Sexual Health Educator Program 1.0 takes our most popular live lessons and transforms them into a 4 or 5-week virtual course that covers the following:

Week 1: Fundies: Anatomy, Birth Control, & STIs

We’ll spend lots of time on the soft skills it takes to teach sex ed over the next four weeks, but to ensure we’re all starting from the same place, we’ve got to get our facts straight. This module contains three lessons: Sexual & Reproductive Anatomy, Birth Control, and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Week 2: Framework & Climate-Setting

During this module, we will set the stage for the following weeks of the course. We will also go over some of the fundamental beliefs of sex education and examine how values, stigma, and boundaries impact sex education.

Week 3: Building a Culture of Consent: A Trauma-Informed Approach

This module will explore why trauma informed sex education practices are an important part of building a culture of consent in the classroom, and how educators can implement these practices. We will examine: what trauma is and how it affects student learning, modeling behaviors in the classroom, and measures to implement before, during, and after a lesson in an effort to reduce re traumatization. This module will then push the conversation further to consider how building a culture of consent in the classroom can support student understanding of consent, and contribute to a trauma informed space for student learning and success.

Week 4: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & Gender Expression (SOGIE)

In this module, participants will learn more about why sex education often leaves out LGBTQ+ identities, get an introduction into the different spectrums of gender and sexuality, learn how homophobia and transphobia negatively impact all youth, and practice responding to homophobic and transphobic statements to create safe spaces. This module will also dive deeper into different types of biases and how to actively support all youth identities.

Week 5: Answering Tough Questions: They Asked What?

Answering questions from young people about sexual health can be an exciting and intimidating part of teaching sex ed! This module is designed to give you the tools to answer the tricky questions.