Trauma-Informed Sex Education

As youth-serving adults, our youth come to us with many different experiences, feelings, thoughts, and values when it comes to sex education. Comprehensive sex education has long been considered a critical piece in sexual violence prevention, but what about youth that already have sexual trauma when they enter the classroom? How can we make sure … Continued

National Native HIV AIDS Awareness Day

National Native HIV AIDS Awareness Day (NNHAAD) is a national campaign celebrated every March 20th. It was founded in 2007 by Indigenous relatives from Turtle Island, the Northern territories, and the Hawaiian Islands. The date is usually on or around Spring equinox because of what that sacred transition represents for Indigenous cultures; rebirth and balance. … Continued

Starting the Conversation about Dating Abuse

This February marks the tenth anniversary of Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (TDVAM). In addition to being Black History Month, this month has also served as an opportunity for individuals and organizations to educate youth on the risk factors for dating violence and prevent youth from experiencing relationship abuse. Still, dating abuse among … Continued

Common Myths Among Youth

As educators, there are dozens of common questions that our students ask about sex, bodies, and relationships. While we hope that youth have access to information that is accurate and comprehensive, we know this isn’t always the case. As young people navigate the tricky waters of adolescence, they begin to ask questions that often come … Continued

Language Matters: Combating Stigma Through Adjusted Language

When it comes to teaching, we know that the language we use is incredibly important. It shapes how participants understand and internalize our material. This means that it is extra important when it comes to sexuality education. Sex education has a long history of using stigma, shame, and fear to send messages about what is … Continued

Unpacking Age of Consent Laws: What Should Meaningful Conversations Look Like?

Let’s start with an uncomfortable truth: age of consent laws are flawed. Their intention of protecting young people from exploitation and abuse is great, but so often this intention is lost amongst negative side-effects of setting an age where sex between a teenager and someone much older is considered “consensual” in the eyes of the … Continued

An Open Letter to My Kid’s Sex Ed Teacher

I have been a sexual health educator for over a decade. During that decade I have also trained many teachers and other youth serving adults to teach sex ed. One of the most common fears or concerns that I have heard from the people in our trainings is “What about the parents? What if I … Continued

#IAmNotADistraction: How Dress Code Policies Sexualize Young Bodies

At the Responsible Sex Education Institute, we provide sex education at a variety of settings, both in and out of school. Some of the schools we work with have adopted SSA (standard school attire, aka uniforms), while others utilize dress code policies. While acknowledging that people have lots of different feelings about dress code policies, … Continued

Teaching Porn Literacy to Youth

With the Internet literally at people’s fingertips, pornography has become more accessible in the last few decades than ever before. Youth-serving adults are often expected to educate about Internet safety concerns with students, but sometimes it can feel difficult to start conversations about pornography.  While it may be tempting to simply tell youth not to … Continued

Answering Tough Questions

We’re deep into summer and it’s the season for tough questions. We hosted a webinar last week on Answering Tough Questions. In this webinar, two of our amazing educators outline the Responsible Sex Education Institute best practices when it comes to answering young folks’ questions and gave participants an opportunity to practice. [If you missed … Continued