Individual Lessons for Middle School

  • The Responsible Sex Education Institute offers individual lessons for middle school students related to sexual health that are developmentally appropriate and medically-accurate, and are specifically designed to assist educators in implementing Comprehensive Health Standards.
  • These 45-60 minute lessons combine information and activities to ensure that participants are engaged in the learning process and walk away with information they can use.
    • Each lesson utilizes innovative technology and supports students in the development of  21st Century Skills
  • The Institute is committed to comprehensive sex education which supports sexual abstinence as the safest choice for anyone wishing to avoid sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy while also providing information about healthy relationships, contraception, STIs, and more!
  • The Institute may ask for payment and/or mileage, which helps to cover our costs and includes an expert speaker, all presentation materials, as well as condoms, internal condoms, and dental dams for participants (by request).

Looking for Middle School Lesson Plans that You Can Teach?

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Current List of Topics:

Anatomy: This lesson is designed to help students gain an understanding of the sexual and reproductive anatomy. It features line drawings of typical reproductive systems.

Birth Control: This presentation is designed to help students understand the variety of birth control options that exist. Through several activities, the presentation will explore effective methods of birth control, including sexual abstinence, and how they work to reduce the risk of pregnancy. After this lesson students will be more equipped to make their own decision on how to prevent and plan a pregnancy.

Consent: This presentation is designed to help students understand what consent means and why it is an important part of relationships. Students will understand that consent is an active and ongoing conversation within a relationship and practice skills to help them both give and ask for consent. This lesson pairs well with the Refusal Skills lesson. If pairing these lessons the consent lesson should be taught first.

Healthy Relationships: This presentation is designed to help participants understand the different types of relationships in their lives. Participants will explore characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. They will have an opportunity to think about their own relationships and learn what do if those relationships are unhealthy. They will also explore how to help a peer in an unhealthy relationship.

Influences on Sexual Decision-Making: This presentation is designed to help students gain an understanding of how the messages that they might be receiving from internal and external influences, including values, can influence the decisions they make about sexual activity and relationships, and how they might use this information to make healthy decisions.

Sex, Gender & Orientation: This lesson is designed to be an introduction to the differences between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. This lesson will also present the idea that people may be discriminated against for their differences and what can be done to help people feel safe and accepted in their communities.

Puberty: This presentation is designed to help students gain a better understanding of puberty and how puberty can begin and end at different times for different people. Students will learn about the different changes that people go through during puberty and how those changes can affect them physically and emotionally. Students will discuss with their peers about different ways that they can take care of themselves during this time of changes.

Risk Reduction: This presentation is designed to help students gain an understanding of the difference between safest, safer and unsafe sex. It includes brief discussions about Abstinence, Contraception and STIs as well as communication. This presentation is a condensed version of contraception and STIs.

Sex & Tech: This presentation is designed to help students gain an understanding of the benefits and risks that come with the use of different types of technology in relation to sexuality. They will learn about resources for using technology to access information about sexuality and relationships and think about decision making as it pertains to their day-to-day actions in the digital world.

Sexual Abstinence: This presentation is designed to help participants explore the concept of sexual abstinence (not having sex). Through several activities, participants will be able to define sexual abstinence, understand how effective abstinence is in preventing STIs and pregnancy, and determine their own sexual boundaries in order to resist pressure and delay or discontinue sexual activity.

STIs: This presentation is designed to help students understand how to reduce their risk of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

Refusal Skills: This presentation is designed to help students learn the skills needed to assertively communicate their boundaries and say no. It will also cover hearing no from a friend/partner and the importance of respecting the decisions of others. This lesson pairs well with the Consent Lesson.