We Wrote a Book!

Did you ever walk out of class having even more questions than when you walked in? You may feel that way about history or math, but what about your sexual health class (if you even had one)? If you’re anything like most of the youth in America today, your head is probably spinning with a swirling, high-speed hurricane of questions. It is totally normal to be curious and to have questions about relationships, bodies, consent . . . you name it!

But where can you get all the reliable and accurate answers you need? In Case You’re Curious, a text-and-answer program conceived by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, has been providing this educational service for teens for nearly a decade. And now In Case You’re Curious is a big book of answers―with funny and educational illustrations―to the most popular and most interesting questions young people have about birth control, development, sexually transmitted infections, and so much more.

Within these pages you will find fun, inclusive and nonjudgmental answers to real questions.  In Case You’re Curious isn’t afraid to tackle the nitty-gritty questions, such as “Does masturbating give you a disease?” and “Is the pineapple thing true?” that you may think twice about raising your hand to ask in your sexual health class or at home.

Get the answers to these and more questions when you order our book today!